Everything your business needs

Our online model allows us to offer unbeatable value compared to offline service providers.


We have designed a simple process to get your business started as soon as possible.

We will help you prepare the documents for incorporation and submit them online.


Essential Services

These are the services that we highly recommend to all our clients to run their businesses smoothly.

Company Secretary

  • Peace of Mind: You will never have to worry about missing the deadline for any filings. We will prepare and submit the forms for you.
  • Stay Organised: We will keep the records of your company and each every submission made to the Company Registry organised in our online vault.

Registered Address

  • Privacy Protection: You can keep your residential address private from public records by using our address as the registered address.
  • Prime Location: Using our address in Admiralty will help you stand out in your business dealings.

Register of Significant Controller

  • Legally Required: Hong Kong incorporated companies are required to maintain a register of significant controllers
  • Always up-to-date: We will ensure you always have the most up-to-date records of your significant controllers.

Additional Services

We can help your business run even more smoothly by assisting you with administrative tasks.

Mail Handling

We will collect and send mails to your preferred address at most 50 times a year. Please be advised that there will be a separate shipping cost each time we send the mails to you.

Company Chops

We are all about technology but we do like having an analogue touch as well. We will prepare the company chops at your request.

Corporate Bank Account Opening Assistance

Opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong is a complicated process.

We will prepare the required documents for you to open an account with a bank.

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