Free your time from routine legal work.

As specialists in managing contracts for financial institutions in Asia, we focus on automating and enhancing high-volume legal processes.

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A scalable legal tech solution.

Our technology allows us to get your routine legal work done efficiently and generates insightful reporting about terms and obligations.

Why Caxis?

Expert Legal Talent

Our curated panel of top professionals consistently deliver the highest quality of service.

Cost-effective pricing

Our flat-fee and per-document pricing model brings more predictability to your company.

Technology platform

Our platform helps you get legal work done quickly and transparently.

Speedy service

We are with you 24/7 during your business journey.

Complexity Manged.
Scaled Absorbed.

We work with financial institutions to manage their day-to-day contract requirements. Our curated panel of top professionals deliver the highest quality of service from drafting to negotiating as new relationships are created.

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We empower you to focus on important matters while making sure your routine legal needs are handled efficiently and conscientiously.

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